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Caring For The Youth of Riverton Wisdom Teeth

Most people have wisdom teeth removed because they often cause overcrowding in the mouth. It is most common to have wisdom teeth removed as a teen because that is when they start to grow in and cause teeth to shift.

If your dentist hasn’t mentioned having wisdom teeth removed by the time your child is 16 go ahead and ask about it. We are happy to schedule a free consultation!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Our Riverton dental team takes pride in educating our community on how to best care for their teeth which includes teeth extraction. We use dental x-rays, sedation, and modern techniques to safely extract wisdom teeth. Our dental experts are here for your needs!

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It's Time To Have

Wisdom Teeth Removed

  • Damaging surrounding teeth
  • Tooth alignment is being destroyed
  • Jaw damage
  • Sinus issues
  • Inflamed gums

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