Johnson Pediatric Riverton Tooth Extraction

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Providing Riverton Pediatric Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is never fun but we do everything we can to make it pain-free and comfortable for our patients. We always explain what we are doing before the procedure so you know what is going to happen. Our dentist will only recommend tooth extraction when absolutely necessary.

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What to Expect When a Baby Tooth is Extracted

A dentist can remove baby teeth for different reasons but we always use top-of-the-line treatments to ensure your child is well cared for. We administer a local anesthetic and use some forceps to pull the tooth. 

Post extraction it is a good idea to monitor your child’s behavior and healing. Make sure they eat soft foods and drink plenty of water. Use ice packs as needed to keep swelling down and take medicine as recommended by the doctor.

When Do Children Need

A Tooth Extraction?

  • Tooth decay
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment
  • Baby teeth fail to fall out before permanent teeth arrive
  • Removing teeth that are chipped or damaged beyond repair

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