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A Riverton Dentist's Take On Pediatric Braces

Here at Johnson Pediatric we’ve been helping children enjoy beaming confidence through the corrective help of orthodontics for many years. While there really isn’t a set time for when children should get braces we’ll help you know if they are needed at all and when the time is right. Some children need them when they are in grade school while others don’t get braces till high school but we help them all.

Once permanent teeth start growing in children can be considered for braces. Ask a member of our dental team to help evaluate what is right for your child today.

Braces Help Smiles

Children and teens often need corrective orthodontic care to straighten teeth, fix bites, and realign their teeth. Some of the benefits of braces include improved ability to chew, reduced cavities and periodontal disease, easier to care for teeth, and a reduced risk of damaging teeth.

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Tips To Help Your

Child Adjust to Braces

  • Eat soft foods for the first few days
  • Encourage following dietary instructions
  • Help them with their cleaning routine
  • Listen to their concerns


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