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Riverton's Best Pediatric Onlay/Inlay

Onlay/Inlay is most often used when a tooth has been damaged and needs extensive repair that is too much for a filling but not extensive enough to need a full crown. They are often made from porcelain, titanium, or gold and require more than one visit to be installed.

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What is it like to get an onlay or inlay?

It is similar to getting a crown placed just with less of the natural tooth removed. When you come in your gum will be numbed and a trained professional will reshape the tooth by removing any decay. We will then make an impression of the tooth that will be used to make a perfectly fitting onlay/inlay. 

At the next visit, we will attach the permanent onlay/inlay and your tooth will be as good as new! To help it last, brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Why choose


  • Preserves as much of the natural tooth as possible
  • Designed to be a perfect fit. They are created in a lab from an impression of your tooth
  • Less likely to stain or discolor

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