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A frenectomy is a simple procedure used to remove excess frenal tissue from the mouth. A frenum is a muscular fold that attaches tissues in the mouth together. There are two different kinds of frenum: one connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and the other connects the lips to the gums above or below the teeth. 

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When to get a frenectomy?

It is common to get a frenectomy as a child because the sooner it is repaired, the better. Some children struggle with a speech impediment or have trouble eating. A frenectomy can really help remedy the issue.

Over the last few years, there have been lots of improvements to the frenectomy procedure which makes recovery much less painful and safer. Help your child receive the care they need by getting a frenectomy early.



  • Ice cheeks and face to reduce swelling
  • Relax and rest for at least 24 hours post-surgery
  • Keep head elevated
  • Follow your post-surgery instructions from the doctor
  • Eat soft foods

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