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Riverton Children And Dentures

Aren’t children too young to wear dentures? This is a common misconception because in some cases dentures are an excellent option for children. Some children have ectodermal dysplasias which cause defects in their hair, nails, and teeth. If this is the case dentures can be a long term option to boost confidence in appearance and nutrition. In other cases, we use temporary dentures for children if they have lost primary teeth due to injury or accident.

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Helping Your Child Wear Their Dentures

Once your child gets their new dentures it is normal to have an adjustment period. Some suggestions to help your child wear them are ensuring they fit right, make it fun, make a list of foods they can eat now they have dentures, celebrate their smile, and ask family for help and support.

By supporting your little one while they get used to their new smile they’ll feel confident about their dentures.

Benefits of

Dentures for Kids

  • Improved confidence in social interactions
  • Better jaw and tissue development in the mouth
  • Better nutrition
  • Increased speech development

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