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Riverton Professionals On Dental Implants

Our dental experts keep each child’s best interest as a top priority at all times. Since children are still growing and losing teeth, it’s important to discuss their personal situation with your dental professional. Our team works with each child and family to pick the best dental option for them and their oral health.

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants take a couple of visits to insert because it requires some healing time before the permanent tooth is attached. What happens is the implant is placed directly into the jawbone. After the implant has fused with the bone we apply a permanent false tooth to replace the missing tooth. 

Getting a dental implant is most effective when the jaw is full-grown because the implants won’t be damaged by teeth that are still growing in.

Other Options To Consider For

Children Missing Teeth

  • Temporary dentures
  • Tooth spacers to hold the place of the  missing tooth until the permanent tooth comes in
  • Temporary dental bridges
  • Wait until your child has finished growing and then consider implants 

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