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Do Riverton Pediatric Dentists Suggest Dental Bridges?

Most of the time children do not need dental bridges. If children are still losing primary or “baby” teeth, there is almost never a need for a traditional dental bridge. If a child loses a baby tooth and a long span of time would pass before an adult tooth would grow to replace it, professionals will most likely recommend a spacer to be worn until the adult tooth grows in on its own. 

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Bridges are More Common in Adulthood

At Johnson Pediatric we make certain your child’s health is put first which is why if we do recommend a dental bridge it is for good reason. Most likely if a dental bridge is recommended it would be for an older child who has already grown in most of their adult teeth.

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How does a Dental

Bridge Work?

  • Used to fill the gap created by a missing tooth
  • The surrounding teeth act as anchors to the false tooth
  • The false tooth is placed and secured to the natural teeth surrounding the gap
  • The bridge is designed to function like a normal tooth
  • After a bridge is placed be certain to maintain dental cleaning habits so is stays strong and healthy

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