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Enhancing Riverton Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry

Kids benefit from beautiful smiles just as much as adults do! While most children are simply growing into their teeth, if you have concerns about helping your child’s confidence, let’s talk about the options available. Here at Johnson Pediatric we work hard to make sure all our patients love their smile. 

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Does your Child need Braces?

It is completely normal for kids to need braces because of tooth alignment or bite. We make sure our patients smile is on track to look its best and function like it should. It is best to adjust a smile with braces when young because it is less painful and we can adjust your child’s bite easier.

If your child could benefit from braces one, of our team members will go over what options are available to you. Please ask any questions you have about braces.

Common Types of

Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids

  • Braces
  • Dental implants
  • Repairing chips caused by trama
  • Fillings 
  • Crowns 

Many children benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Call our office to schedule your child’s first appointment!

Come see how we can help give your children the best chance at lifelong health and confidence through great dental care!